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Restore and Backup Elasticsearch Indices

Daniel Neuberger started his career as consultant in 2012 after his apprenticeship as a qualified IT specialist in system integrations and employment as system administrator. After more than 4 years Linux and Open Source Backup Consulting he decided to explore the world of monitoring and system management/automation. Since April 2017 he has been working as part of the professional service team of NETWAYS Gmbh. His topics as senior consultant are elastic stack, Graylog, Icinga 2 and Bareos. If he is not travelling through the world helping other people, he loves to do some beekeeping and gardening stuff.

A case study on building a mail archive with postfix

Dr. Stephan Rein studied Electrical Engineering and Information Technology at RWTH Aachen, TU Berlin, and Arizona State University. He finished his studies in 2003 with the Dip.-Ing. degree in Information Technology from TU Berlin. From then on he worked as a researcher at Aalborg University (Denmark) and TU Berlin. Since 2013 he has been an IT-Trainer at public schools. He also works as a consultant for “backup & recovery help”, a start-up that offers IT solutions based on Open-Source and Linux.

What’s new in Bareos 18

Philipp Storz holds a masters degree in technical computer sciences from the University of Applied Science of Cologne. Between 2001 and 2003 he was a Linux consultant at Suse Linux AG. He was co-founder of the open source services company dass IT in 2004 and is working in the open source consulting and development now for over 14 years.
Philipp Storz has written the first book about the open source backup solution Bacula, published by Open Source Press and is one of the project leaders of the Bacula fork Bareos.

Schroedingers Backup

Toshaan Bharvani is an IT consultant, currently self-employed at VanTosh, with an interest in Open Source Software and IT Hardware. He started his IT interest at the age of 5, when his father gave him his first own PC components. Ever since he has been interested in IT hardware and IT software. In business, he tends to combine higher level applications with lower level systems. Toshaan has been involved for some time now in some open source projects and communities, such as CentOS, PowerEL, Ansible and open source conferences such as CfgMgmtCamp, LOADays, Icinga Camp, CentOS Dojo, and more. He is also a speaker and an Ansible, SELinux, Linux, and, Open Source advocate.

Relax-and-Recover Automated Testing with Bareos

Gratien D’haese is a Belgian independent IT Consultant who is already 28 years active in the Unix world (and with Linux since its invention in 1991). Gratien has a broad experience with Unix/Linux in general, Open Source software, Unix networking and security, big system administration tasks, clustering, consultancy, DevOps (chef, ansible) and project management.

Gratien is quite active in the Unix/Linux Open Source world and is giving talks around various topics since the days of the Belgian UNIX Users Group and other organizations promoting Unix/Linux and the Open Source movement. Gratien is the co-founder and main designer of Relax-and-Recover (ReaR) together with Schlomo Schapiro and Johannes Meixner (both from Germany). This project started in 2006 and the software is part of RHEL, Fedora, EPEL and SLES HA – [http://relax-and-recover.org/]

Gratien is also involved with other Open Source projects, such as “Relax-and-Recover Automated Testing”, Upgrade-ux, Config2HTML, and some more little projects.

Backing up Nextcloud – Consistent Backup and Restore of Application Data

Sebastian Lederer is a senior linux consultant at dass IT GmbH in Cologne with expertise in IT infrastructure services, systems management and configuration management systems. He has more than 20 years of experience with Linux and other open source software. Occasionally he acts as a software developer, and is the author of dassadmin, a friendly web interface for managing users in an unfriendly LDAP directory.