Relax-and-Recover Automated Testing with Bareos

Relax-and-Recover Automated Testing is a sub-project of Relax-and-Recover (ReaR) to perform fully automated recovery tests without human intervention. This way we can quickly verify every (un-)stable release and test each commit as soon as it fits us. We can use a Bareos backup server to validate any ReaR version against it.

The testing frame-work itself is build around Ansible, Vagrant, KVM or Oracle VirtualBox, inspec and our own scripts and templates. We will explain the internals of how we do automated testing and we will give a live demo as well.

Location: Meeting Room Berlin C Date: September 26, 2018 Time: 2:15 pm - 3:00 pm Gratien D’haese |
IT3 Consultants