The Open Source Backup Conference 2013 has taken place at Wednesday, September 25th 2013 and is unfortunally now over. It really has been a success. Around 50 persons from different companies have joined to see what Open Source backup is capable of.
We’re looking forward to the Open Source Backup Conference 2014, which will again take place in Fall 2014 in Cologne, Germany.

Focus of the conference

While the conference has had its only focus on Bacula in the years 2009 until 2012, 2013 has been the first year, where all Open Source backup solutions have been invided to present there progress. One of the main reasons for this has been the emerging of Bareos. Therefore the conference has been renamed from “Bacula Conference” to “Open Source Backup Conference”.
Sure, the main focus has still been Bacula (Open Source Edition) and its successor Bareos, but also the Disaster Recovery framework relax-and-recover has presented its newest release.


See here the list of presentation (in order, they have been given). If possible, we have linked to slides of the presentations.

Presentation Speaker

Bacula Success Stories: Einsatz in vielfältigen Umgebungen

Bacula ist eine sehr flexible Backup Lösung. Das ist gut so, denn jede Umgebung hat ihre speziellen Anforderungen. Dieser Vortrag Beispiele für verschiedene Problemstellungen, z.B. Offsite-Backup via FTP.
Christopher Beppler

Back'UP to the Future (using Bareos as central key point)

Discover in a 30 minutes journey, a real migration adventure from paleolithic IT with utopian backups to an up to date system where backups are free and 100% reliable. No big theory, learn what was the challenge, how actions take place ... and what to do when reality strike back. Suspense in hetegerous world.
Bruno Friedmann

Bacula Monitoring

Having a backup is an important part of the security policy of a company. However, setting up a Backup server is not the most important part of it. It is far more imnportant that all backups are done and done in time. For this purpose, I've tested different monitoring alternatives, including Check_MK.
This presentation gives an overview about the different Bacula Monitoring plugins and continues with some real world examples.
Florian Heigl

Bareos: Features

Bareos is a fork of Bacula with offers prebuild binaries for all major Linux distributions and Windows. It also includes numerous new features like Passive Clients, Copy Jobs between different storage daemons, NDMP backup, ... Everything is developed as Open Source. This presentation shows the advantages of Bareos. Philipp Storz also hopes, that the further development of Bareos can be discussed at the hands-on area.
Philipp Storz
(Bareos GmbH & Co KG)

Linux Disaster Recovery Best Practices

Linux Disaster Recovery (DR) exercises are not every day tasks and most system engineers lack experience how to practice them. This talk will describe the basic knowledge about DR and Business Continuity and go deeper into the different aspects of each. However, we will also show you how to start up DR plan and explain some handy tools, such as Relax and Recover (rear) so you can get started and being prepared.
Gratien D'haese
(IT3 Consultants)

Building Large Scale High Performance Backup-to-Disk Repositories

See examples of a large scale disk backup system with the capacity of 3 Peta Bytes (PB). An important topic in this kind of scenarios is using ZFS on Linux as file system for backups.
Peter Buschman

Integration von Bareos in Univention Umgebungen

Der Vortrag behandelt die Integration von Bareos in Univention Corporate Server Umgebungen und deren Management. Durch die Integration von Bareos in das Univention App Center kann Bareos per Mausklick installiert werden. Da der Univention Server sämtliche andere Systeme im Netzwerk kennt, kann deren Bareos-Konfiguration zentral erzeugt werden. Da Bareos zudem OPSI-Pakete zur Verfügung stellt, lassen sich auch Windows-Systeme zentral mit Bareos versorgen.
Sebastian Lederer
(dass IT)

Bareos Reporting mit Jasper

Thomas Gelf

Sicherung von MS-SQL Datenbanken mit Bareos

Bareos demonstrate, how to backup and restore a MS-SQL database server using its native API.
Daniel Neuberger
(dass IT)