Open Source Backup Conference 2016 – Program completed

We are happy to present the final program for this years Open Source Backup Conference 2016 in Cologne three months prior to the event! Naturally top-class speakers will be present.

We are looking forward to hearing Tobias Groß from Globalways, who will introduce the “Active Client” as a new BAREOS feature. Further Gratien d`Haese from IT3 Consultants will share his experience on business continuity management, and in Christian Reiss (Symgenius) talk we will not only learn about backup with BAREOS and ZFS, but also about automation with Puppet. We are particularly happy to welcome Erol Ülükmen from the uib, and hear him give an overview on the client management system “opsi”, as well as other client backup strategies. The program of this years OSBConf is completed by the speakers Thomas Otto (Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena), as well as both BAREOS co-founders Philipp Storz and Maik Außendorf.

A workshop on the first day of the conference is included in the ticket, and you can chose from these three subjects: “BAREOS introduction“, “Monitoring BAREOS with Icinga 2“ and “REAR“. Due to a limited number of participants an early registration is recommended.
On our website you can find the sought-after tickets for the conference, as well as a detailed overview of the program and the workshops.