First speakers for the Open Source Backup Conference 2016

We are happy to announce the first speakers of this year`s Open Source Backup Conference on the 26th and 27th of september in Cologne. As always in the OSBConf everything revolves around the subjects data backup and the newest developement on Open Source Backup Software, such as Rear, Amanda, Bacula and above all the hereof emerged fork Bareos. And now to the speaches confirmed as of yet:

On the one hand we have Jörg Brühe from FromDual GmbH who also talked at the OSDC. He will hold the speach „The database backup is done- What next?“ at the OSBConf.
On the other hand we have Gratien D`haese (IT3 Consultants) whom we are also happy to welcome to Cologne. In addition to a workshop on Rear he will give a talk on the subject business continuity management with Bareos and Rear. The third confirmed speaker is Thomas Otto from the Friedrich-Schiller- University in Jena. He will share his experience on Bareos at his workplace.

Of course there will also be other talks revolving the subject data backup.
In addition to the speaches, supplementary hands-on workshops will take place. One workshop will be included in the Ticketprice.

You can choose between:

  • Bareos Introduction with Phillip Storz
  • Monitoring Bareos with Icinga 2with Markus Waldmüller
  • REAR with Gratien D’haese

We have a little evening event planned as well, in which it will be possible to exchange experiences, discuss and much more.

Why wait? Here it goes straight to the tickets. In case this information was not sufficient or you want to take a look at our OSBConf archive, here is the official website.