Bareos 15.2 RC published

The 15.2 release candidate has passed all regression and continuous integration tests on all supported platforms. Repositories are avialable here:

We are looking forward for your feedback and bugreports, in order to help us to publish a broadly tested 15.2 major release soon.

More than 300k lines of code were modified since 14.2.2, including cleanup, redesign, bugfixes and many new features, here is an excerpt of new stuff:

  • Bareos VMware Backup Plugin to backup VMware disk image snapshots online and incremental
  • WebUI for administration tasks and restore file browser
    • No need of separate db connection, much cleaner architecture and easier setup.
  • Windows:
    • Ported command line utilities like bscan, bwild, bregex
    • Signed Binaries
  • Thanks to a sponsored development from the payment transaction provider ​cardtech, we support secure erase of recycled storage-files and spool files for compliance reasons
  • LDAP Plugin to backup LDAP directories which allows single object restore and accurate backup
  • New Operating Systems supported:
    • Windows 10
    • Fedora 21/22
    • Debian 8, including Systemd support
    • Univention 4
    • SLES 11 SP4
  • Gluster and Ceph plugins to backup cloud storages
  • Director API to ease scripting of administration tasks
  • Python plugin interface ported to windows
  • New director commands
  • Better debug output in all daemons for automated analyze with for instance logstash

For a complete changelog, refer to the GitHub