Bareos 14.2 beta was launched at the Open Source Backup Conference

Bareos 14.2 beta was launched today at the Open Source Backup Conference with a lot of new features: Python plugin interface, Windows director and storage daemon, better VSS support, and lot more.

Bareos 14.2 (beta)

Bareos 14.2.1 is the current beta (latest stable is 13.2, see below). Here are some highlights:

Accurate backup refactoring for improved performance
Python plugin interface for easy script-based plugin development
Disable a backup client via console
Certificate Revocation List (CRL) support for openssl
Traymonitor now shows a red icon when there are connection or authentication problems with a server.
CentOS 7, RHEL7 and Ubuntu 14.4 support added to build system
Debian packaging got major overhaul, including dbconfig support
Director option -t to test configuration before restart
Support for different blocksizes (e.g. per volume blocksize) for better performance
Dynamic loading of storage backends
New cloud storage backends (Gluster API, Ceph)
Optional plugin for compression / decompression on storage daemon
Support for NotToBackup Registry Key on Windows
Director runs on Windows
Storage Daemon runs on Windows
Improved VSS support, including volume mountpoints (VMP)
Windows deduplication filesystem support
Windows encrypted filesystem (EFS) support

For a full list of new features, see in GIT, all news for versions from 13.x until 14.2.x are relevant for this new release. You’ll find installation packages here: