You have the opportunity to take part in one of three workshops on September 25, 2017. The workshops are included in the GOLD and SILVER Package. To ensure in-depth knowledge transfer the number of participants are limited.

hosted by Philipp Storz

The topics:

• Introduction to the architecture of BAREOS
• Interacting components of BAREOS
• Discussing BAREOS configuration and main features
• Adaption of the preconfigured standard backup scheme

Attendees are kindly asked to contribute configuration tasks that they want to have solved.
hosted by Daniel Neuberger

The topics:

• Global introduction about Puppet and how to use puppet
• Automation of rolling out a BAREOS infrastructure
• How to automate the scaling of your BAREOS setup
hosted by Jörg Steffens & Maik Außendorf

The topics:

• Examine the API's functionality, including
• running standard and modified backup jobs
• creating clients
• searching for data in the backups
• running restore jobs
• retrieving status and performance information

• Hands on examples
• Using bconsole and shell-pipe to script BAREOS commands
• Using the python-bareos class to script Bareos with Python

• Use ACLs to restrict API usage
• Example: restrict API usage to let a certain user only access backup data for a dedicated computer.

The following services are included:

  • workshop within a small group
  • comprehensive board
  • WIFI access in the conference area

The workshops are taking place at the conference hotel on September 25, 2017  from 2 pm to 6 pm.