Open Source Backup Conference 2014

OSBconf continued its evolution in 2014 like it started in the past years. Following the fast development of Bareos the Open Source Backup Conference 2014 in Cologne had several talks about Bareos and the migration from other tools to it. Bacula talks were given, too and the compatibility between Bareos and Bacula was one of the reasons users of either tool could take very practical benefit from almost any of the talks. Further topics include, following the trend towards centralized management and cloud solutions, Puppet and cluster file systems like Ceph and Gluster as source and destination of backups. The popular disaster recovery tool “ReaR” (relax and recover) had its own talk, too.

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Open Source Backup Conference 2013

On September, 25th, the Open Source Backup Conference 2013 has taken place in Cologne (Germany). A main reason the Conference has opened up for more than Bacula only, is due to the emerging of Bareos. Therefore it has been renamed and is now open for all Open Source backup projects. The Bareos team has used this opportunity to present their project to an interested audience. Also success stories about Bareos and Bacula projects have been presented, aligned with the Disaster Recovery solution relax-and-recover and monitoring and reporting for backups.
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Bacula Conference 2012

The conference in 2012 had a focus on deployment mechanisms for Bacula and showed deployment using RedHat mechanisms (RedHat Satellite), using Puppet and deployment of Windows clients using OPSI.
Other topics have been backup of KVM, Disk-to-Disk-to-Tape backups and deduplication.
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Bacula Conference 2011

The conference has shown the progress done by Bacula, building Bacula for various distributions using openSUSE Build Service, backup of Oracle databases, backup of Novell Open Enterprise filesystems (NSS).
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Bacula Conference 2010

The second conference has shown, that the interest in Bacula has not only been a one time shot. Several persons have been glad to visit the conference again, while also new people have been attracted.
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Bacula Conference 2009

The first “Bacula Konferenz” ever was held at September, 23rd 2009 in Cologne (Germany).
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